A Form Guide Revolution.

Sulky, the integrated Harness Racing Form & Result analysis tool that will transform the way you do FORM!

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Horse Analysis

Full horse analysis from breeding to purse and performance statistics!

User Friendly

User friendly Form & Results, in real-time and at the swipe of a finger!

Sectional Data

Integrated sectional data, for every race and all states Australia wide!

Compare Ratings

Targeted and comparable National ratings, 'normalising' a horse's ability!

Enter a new era of Harness Racing

The days of 'pencil & paper' form guide analysis are well and truly behind us and the awesome power of computers & big data have arrived!
Say hello to... SulkyAPP - The Future of Form.

Leveraging the power of super computers with the experience and knowledge of breeders, trainers, bookies and pundits, SulkyAPP provides you with the necessary 'real-time' tools, to be better able to make an informed decision.


Stop guessing.
Start knowing.

Our Benefits

  • Never miss another Driver change or Gear change with our Real-Time data feed.
  • Drill down on any horse, in any race and get detailed performance histories.
  • Compare all runners against the National Sulky Rating, making it a level playing field.
  • Be informed about significant Steward comments and how they affect outcomes.
  • Easy to read graphical results, making your next decision that much clearer.

The perfect package for you



Limited to 2 races per meeting

Added Features



All races, every meeting, no exclusions

Download the APP

There's no need to download SulkyAPP... it's already done! SulkyAPP is a PWA (Progressive Web Application) and as such your only requirement is to place a shortcut on your homescreen - nothing more. If you haven't done so yet, follow the instructions below (or simply Google 'A2HS') for your particular device.

The steps to add apps to the home screen are:

  • Open the Share menu, available at the bottom or top of the browser.
  • Click Add to Home Screen.
  • Confirm the name of the app (SulkyAPP); the name is user-editable.
  • Click Add. On iOS and iPadOS, bookmarks to websites and PWAs look the same on the home screen.

On Android, PWA install prompts differ by device and browser. Users may see:

  • Variations in the wording of the menu item for install such as Install or Add to Home Screen.
  • Detailed installation dialogs from a simple mini-infobar to a detailed installation dialog.

Desktop PWA installation is currently supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Linux, Windows, macOS, and Chromebooks. These browsers may show:

  • an install badge (icon) in the URL bar stating that the current site is installable.
  • when a user is engaged with a site, they may see a popup inviting users to install it as an app.
  • the browser's drop-down menu also includes an "Install " item that the user can use.
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